Advanced Personalization for SharePoint

Users of iGoogle, Yahoo and Facebook portals enjoy the ability to easily and constantly personalize their views of information.  Until now, SharePoint locked users into predetermined, “designed by committee”, static pages of information that provided the user with no control of what information they viewed and how it was organized.

Handshake Software new PageGuru™ solves this problem by delivering an easy-to-use SharePoint personalization environment that allows the user, with no SharePoint training, to select what they want to see and organize information exactly how they want to see it – on any SharePoint page!  With hundreds of pre-build “Gadgets” for Elite, ADERANT, iManage, eDOCS and other legal applications plus standard portal gadgets for Weather, News, Videos, Stocks and other information, users can easily customize portal Pages with no SharePoint training.  Unlike MySite, users can quickly personalize SharePoint pages for Client, Matter, Department, Practice Area and others.

Benefits for Users Benefits for Administrators

■  Personalization on any SharePoint page

■  Easy selection from a library of Web Parts

■  No SharePoint training required

■  Automatically saved user-specific personal views

■  Faster Deployment with elimination of “hard coded” SharePoint Page

■  Easy Creation of configurable Personalization “Zones” on any SharePoint page

■  Application Security automatically enforced

■  Fast Creation of PageGuru deployable Web Parts


Gadget Gallery provides an easy pick list of available Web Parts

User Moving a Gadget in PageGuru

PageGuru allows user controlled personalization of any SharePoint Portal Page with an easy-to-use “drag and drop” customization.

The Handshake Software PageGuru has a rich pallet of AJAX-enabled Web Parts that can be easily selected by the user. Web parts can be quickly modified or created including web parts for 3rd party line of business applications.

This breakthrough product will improve user satisfaction and allow for rapid deployment of SharePoint.

Feature Checklist

■  Simple and Powerful User Design Experience

■  Drag and Drop Placement and Movement of Gadgets

■  Integrated third party Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Gadgets

■  No need to “Hard Code” Portal Pages for users

■  Can be added to any page, not just “My Site”

■  AJAX-enabled web parts - Silverlight available

View the Handshake Software PageGuru Datasheet by clicking here.



A program that provide services without needing an independent application to be launched, but instead run in an environment that manages multiple gadgets


Handshake Software supports the following Legal Applications:

Practice and Financial Management

  • Thomson Elite
  • Rippe & Kingston LMS
  • Keystone
  • Javelan
  • NetResults
  • Carpe Diem
  • DTE
  • Equinox
  • Juris


  • LexisNexis Interaction

Content/Knowledge/Records Management

  • Autonomy iManage
  • OpenText eDOCS
  • LegalKEY
  • West KM
  • SharePoint SM
  • Microsoft Search

Case Management

  • Law Manager



MySite is feature of MOSS 2007 that enables users to obtain access to a personalized view of the information that's relevant to them.