Law Technology News: Handshake Software Converts Files to SharePoint and Matter Center

ltn_logo_1Handshake Software Inc., a provider of SharePoint-based products and services to the legal market, announced today the availability of Handshake Converter, a file converter to integrate legacy documents with SharePoint, be it on premise or in Office 365, and Matter Center.

The Handshake Converter moves files from legacy document management systems, such as HP iManage, OpenText eDOCS, file shares and other file types to Microsoft SharePoint, both on premise and online with Office 365.

The Converter supports multiple conversion strategies in hybrid storage environments with immediate, on-the-fly conversion. Law firms can opt to convert all documents at once, convert one office at a time, or one practice area at a time.
Handshake technology can bridge between SharePoint and Matter Center and legacy systems. The Convert can support a combined client-centric or matter-centric view of documents in Matter Center and legacy document management systems.

Converter features include:

SharePoint Compatibility: Transforms file names and folder names from legacy systems to ensure compatibility with SharePoint naming convention and supported characters.

SharePoint Site Provisioning: Automatically provisions SharePoint Sites based on the law firm’s information from Thomson Reuters’ Elite, Aderant Holdings Inc.’s Expert, and other practice management systems.

Security: Converts complex and multiple security scenarios including access control lists, ethical walls and individual file security.

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