PinHawk Law Technology Daily (Vol. 14; No. 208): Jumping to Matter Center

PinHawk LogoAs Jobst Elster recently reminded me, I had publically pondered what Microsoft’s Matter Center entry into legal meant for smaller players like Handshake. This press release would seem to answer part of that question. Nishan DeSilva says, “Handshake Software is one of our strategic partners.” It would seem clear that this “Converter” product will facilitate law firms jumping to Matter Center even more quickly. It will take documents from your OpenText, iManage and file shares and place them into Matter Center. Perhaps more interesting is the automatic provisioning of SharePoint sites and the ethical wall component. I would be interested in hearing back from law firms that want to go Office 365/Matter Center and use Converter. And speaking of what DeSilva says, my good friend, Rob Ameerun, got to sit down and interview Nishan, as well as Bart van Wanroij (Director Epona Software Productions). For those of you not familiar with Epona, they are a small Dutch software company similar to Handshake. Rob asks some tough questions and the interview is well worth your time. Then we’ve got Jason Plant talking about Matter Centre on his blog. The oddball first question that comes to my mind is will there be two branded versions – Center & Centre? But that marketing question aside, Jason talks about what interests him most – the seamlessness of integration under Apps for Office. Lastly we have a smaller stunner, a potential Matter Centre roadblock for UK firms – if true. It’s being reported that Microsoft Office 365 is not SRA compliant.

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