Legal IT Insider: Upgrades and deals

Legal IT Insider LogoA new strategic partnership between Thomson Reuters and Handshake Software will bring improved legal search results to knowledge management by combining knowledge management solution West km 5.0 with Handshake Software’s SP Bridge, which extends SharePoint Search to a firm’s enterprise platform. Using Handshake’s rich Relationship Toolkit, SP Bridge extrapolates and relates information from multiple systems, creating a powerful set of search results and refiners.

West km will identify and extract legally relevant metadata, such as judge, jurisdiction, court, attorneys and law firms, while users can use the SP Bridge search interface with which they are already familiar to quickly and intuitively find the most relevant answers from the firm or organization’s existing work product, as well as other relevant information from the firm’s line of business systems.

“The combination of West km with SP Bridge means users can better leverage their existing intellectual capital to find the most relevant answer, and ultimately, produce better work product more efficiently,” said Craig Larson, vice president of productivity solutions, Thomson Reuters. “Speed and accuracy are becoming more important as organizations produce greater volumes of output. This partnership delivers the most on-point results, improving quality and efficiency, and leverages the unique characteristics of legal content to help get the most out of investments in enterprise tools.”


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