Handshake Software Integrates with Legal Search and Analytics Platform Ravel Law

The integration seeks to combine Ravel Law’s tools, including interactive visualizations and analytics, with Handshake Software’s SP Bridge.

Alpharetta, Ga.-based Handshake Software, a provider of SharePoint-based products and services to the legal market, today announced its technology integration with San Francisco, Calif.-based Ravel Law, a legal search, analytics, and visualization platform.

Glenn LaForce, vice president of global sales & marketing at Handshake Software, told Legaltech News that the new software was developed based on the need for attorneys to become more efficient in their practice.

“Attorneys are under tremendous pressure from their clients with regards to the billable hour, so bringing together as many data sources as possible into one universal search is paramount for their practice,” he said. “To be able to perform legal research while seeing key financials, internal documents, contacts and internal expertise helps the attorneys become more efficient and effective.”

Handshake calls the move a strategic integration between two companies’ products, which will improve users’ Microsoft SharePoint-based search experience, underpinning Handshake Software’s “all knowledge, one place” approach to developing a comprehensive legal knowledge management (KM) technology solution.

“Combining Ravel Law with our other product integrations for SharePoint-based enterprise search further creates a ‘one search, all knowledge’ environment that is crucial for the modern practitioner,” Glenn LaForce, vice president of global sales & marketing at Handshake Software, said in a statement.

“Lawyers, CIOs and knowledge management professionals tell us they want one system to deliver one-stop [knowledge management] information to their users. Our integration with Ravel Law is another important aspect of the Handshake Software’s all-encompassing solution that includes integration to online legal research and other major legal applications.”

The integration seeks to combine Ravel Law’s tools, including interactive visualizations and analytics, with Handshake Software’s SP Bridge, which extends SharePoint Search to a firm’s enterprise search platform. The goal is to create an environment where users can easily find and review critical firm data and firm expertise, as well as on-premise and online legal research materials. This will create a set of search results that allow an attorney to more effectively manage both the business and practice of law in a single environment.

“Bringing content and applications together into a portal and search is Handshake Software’s core business,” LaForce told Legaltech News. “Handshake’s clients are now benefited by SP Bridge – our enterprise search platform based on SharePoint Search – including online legal research. This matters as the enterprise search platform is evolving into a complete knowledge management system. It is important for a law firm to have all its knowledge in one place and one search.”

He said that the Handshake Software team is “impressed with what Ravel is doing in the legal research space and have already had several AmLaw 100 clients request this integration.”

The Handshake Software-Ravel Law integration also extends the Handshake Software AppStore, a personalized homepage for each user within a firm. The companies said not only will this alleviate the need to conduct legal research as part of a siloed search but it will bring together all other critical aspects of the modern practitioner’s hub, including relevant information from the firm’s financials, document management, customer relationship and practice management systems.

“The collaboration with Handshake provides lawyers access to our platform and to tools that can deconstruct, analyze, and interpret information to help develop winning legal strategies. We’re excited to bring these technologies to lawyers in one easy-to-find location,” Nik Reed, co-founder and chief operating officer at Ravel Law, told Legaltech News.

“As a company founded by lawyers, we understand firsthand the value of a powerful knowledge management system. In making legal research more efficient, our analytics provide a critical component of legal decision-making and tie into the business intelligence needed to practice law.”

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