Expertise Locator

Expertise Locator Screenshot

Challenge: Finding internal expertise based leveraging “Big Data”.

Solution: Handshake Software’s Expertise Locator extends SharePoint Search locating internal expertise based upon a firm’s internal data.   By leveraging information from the DMS, financial system, biographical information, contacts and other firm information Handshake Software can quickly identify who the firm’s internal experts are.   The flexible interface allows the firms administration to weight the results based a wide variety of metrics.


  • Powerful SharePoint Search: Utilizing the powerful SharePoint Search, Expertise Locator finds your firm’s experts – FAST.
  • Flexible Weighting of Expert Criteria: The weighting of each criterion can be easily adjusted based on firm preferences. The administrator can see the immediate impact of any changes
  • All Systems Included in Expert Ranking: Documents, biographies, time entries, contacts, client relationships such as the billing or supervising lawyer plus more can all be included and used for the Expert Ranking.
  • Secure: Expertise Locator adheres to all of the underlying security of each of the applications.
  • Immediate Visualization of Ranking: Immediately see who is the expert and why.
  • Automatic Filters for Refining Results: Filters automatically appear to allow you to filter by office, language, profit center or other firm-defined criteria.
  • Full Text Results: You are one click away from seeing all the relevant documents for an expert in a full text SharePoint Search results screen.
  • Select Content Sources: Users can select the type of Content sources to be searched including documents, biographies, time entries or all content.
  • Flexible User Interface: Users can drill down and quickly see the details of why someone is ranked as an Expert. They can also move columns, sort and filter expert results.