Handshake Universal Search

Save time, effort and money by reducing development time through rapid deployment of search in SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Hybrid Search.

  • Enhanced search experience with saved searches and extended faceting
  • Extended meta data from multiple applications for entities
  • On the fly tagging of items from 3rd party applications through SP Tagging capabilities
  • Customizable search results page
  • Enhanced security across all 3rd party applications enforced

Save time, effort and money by reducing development time through rapid deployment of Search in SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Hybrid Search

Challenge: Finding information housed within firm DMS, Finance, CRM and ECM systems with one search, accurately, and quickly, all from within SharePoint, has previously been a very tedious and unreliable process.

Solution: Handshake Universal Search extends SharePoint 2013, 2016 & Hybrid Search to a firm enterprise search platform by quickly integrating document, financial, biographical, contact and other firm information. Utilizing Handshake’s rich Relationship Toolkit, SP Bridge extrapolates and relates information from multiple systems creating a powerful set of search refiners.

Handshake Universal Search also extends the previewer capability providing document preview function and the ability to see additional information like financial charts or contacts while hovering over a search result. SP Bridge ensures that all application security, including ethical walls, is included in the SharePoint index and therefore enforced so that your users do not get access to information they are not allowed to review in the native applications.


  • Search all of the content in your organization
  • Document previewing
  • Search term highlighting
  • Adheres to application security
  • Powerful preview of documents and related information

Imagine the power and flexibility in doing a search, finding a particular firm client and being able to see in depth (and secure) financial, contact information as well as the client-related documents without having to leave the search results page.

Product Screenshots