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  • From any Application: Notifications can come from any application including financial management, document management, contact management, budget information, server statuses and any other application.
  • Combined Notices to Eliminate Spam: Specific Notifications can be combined and be delivered in one email or on one page so that users are not bombarded with notifications.
  • Completely Customizable: Unparalleled customization capabilities so that notifications can be easily created, scheduled and tailored to each firm and each user’s requirements.
  • Delivered to the Correct Person: Notifications can be delivered based on the user’s relationships rather than hard coded names. For example, if a billing partner leaves the firm, their notifications will automatically be sent to whoever takes over as the billing partner for those clients.
  • Secure: Handshake Notifications enforces the underlying security of all of the applications ensuring that information is delivered to those who should know.

Notifications Examples:

  • Missing Time: Be notified that people have not entered their time for the day, week or were below the budgeted hours…
  • Payments: You are automatically notified when payments have come in for your clients and/or matters.
  • Budgets: You are told when budgets for client and/or matters have been exceeded.
  • Document Production: Be informed when someone creates a document for your clients or modifies one of your original documents.
  • WIP and AR: Be notified if your clients exceed a threshold combination of work in process and accounts receivable.
  • And many more… Notifications are limited only by your imagination.