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The pace of decision making in law firms globally is accelerating. Not only is time a luxury, but the sheer amount of information available to decision makers is growing exponentially. It seems that too much of the information we don’t need is available to make decisions and none of it, whether relevant or not, is linked or integrated.

In addition, the demands put on modern law firms by their clients to deliver high quality legal services, faster, cheaper and 24/7 is testing existing technologies, established workflows and law firm systems.

Handshake Software is the market leading and award-winning provider of SharePoint-based products and services to the legal market including portal (intranets/extranets), enterprise search, expertise locator, notifications and mobility.

As the leading provider of SharePoint products and services to the legal market, Handshake Software helps law firms solve their data overload and information delivery problems. By managing the complex relationships between different kinds of content in an intuitive manner, and enabling broad relationships between line-of-business applications, Handshake Software provides just-in-time decision making by leveraging the data you already have. Only Handshake Software builds SharePoint-based intranets, extranets, search applications and mobility solutions, leveraging firm information assets natively in the Web, Microsoft SharePoint, Office Applications, Outlook and on mobile devices.

After 15 years of serving the legal market, Handshake Software is relied upon by more than 100,000 users across 10 countries working within hundreds of law firms.

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