Partnership with LexisNexis

Lexis Search Advantage (LSA)

The integration is licensed through LexisNexis and enables firm content from the document management system (DMS) that has gone through LSA analysis to be brought into SharePoint.    Handshake Software leverages the taxonomy created by LSA and from the DMS to create robust refiners and tagging capabilities.   Users can generate a actionable preview of the document using Handshake Software’s hover preview panel.


Digital Libary

The integration is licensed through Handshake Software and enables firm attorneys and law librarians to review and check out eBook titles via SharePoint, and gives them greater efficiency by contextualizing their subscription to LexisNexis Digital Library around practice areas, people, matters and more. It offers access to electronic titles that are relevant to the focus of a user within the SharePoint portal. For example, on a matter summary page, an attorney automatically sees and can access relevant digital publications for that particular matter in addition to financials, documents, contacts and other content.

Handshake delivers these capabilities to users through five key access points aligned to where lawyers and law firm staff spend their time on Portal & Search every day:

  • User-centric titles accessible within individual users’ “My View” dashboards
  • Matter-centric titles based on the matter classification on matter-specific pages
  • Practice area content available on a firm’s distinct practice pages
  • Full Digital Library title and author searching directly from SharePoint
  • Targeted matter centric content within SharePoint Search

View the press release here.