About Support

Dedicated to Your Success

The Handshake Software support team is a cross-functional team responsible for your success. When you purchase Handshake Software you work with a team that has direct access to the same engineers designing tomorrow’s technology solutions. As a result, you reap the benefit of best practices, methodologies, product knowledge, and future plans from all groups within Handshake Software through the knowledge transfer, insight, and consulting provided by our team members.


The Handshake Software support team brings strong, diverse business and technical skills. We are backed by a wealth of experience and we know how to rapidly deconstruct the business complexities and challenges of your organization into the well-defined, innovative, value-producing solutions you require.

Optimal Implementation Support

Handshake Software relies upon a “top-down” approach to address our customers’ needs. We first achieve a clear grasp of the business drivers, needs, and issues that comprise your implementation of Handshake Software and then we design the optimum functionality, customization, education, and technology components and configurations. This approach ensures the resulting solution design supports strategic business goals and objectives across your organization.


Normal Business Hours

Our Support Team is available by email or phone from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Eastern), Monday to Friday, except for US statutory holidays.

Please contact us via email at or by phone at +1-850-325-2610. Our Support Team can also be reached through our Tallahassee, FL office number at +1-850-329-7845.

After Hours Support

For After Hours Support, our Support Team can be reached through our Tallahassee, FL office number at +1-850-329-7845.