Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Handshake Software. We look forward to working with you and your firm. You likely have a number of questions, including how to obtain Support for your products during this transition to Handshake Software. To answer your initial questions, please refer to the FAQ below. We will continue to keep you updated through email as changes and improvements are made in support, products, and other areas.

Q. How do I Contact Support?

Answer:  Please contact via phone or email.

Our normal Support hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern. Please note that our Support offices are closed on US statutory holidays; however, if needed, After Hours and Holiday support is available on a billable basis. We highly recommend that you review our Handshake Software Customer Support Handbook to become more familiar with our Support Group Policies and Procedures, which includes information covering:

  • Our Case Management Process
  • Response Goals
  • Expediting Your Support Request
  • What We Support

Q. Will Handshake Software fix problems in OneView?

Answer: Yes. Handshake Software plans to maintain the OneView Connect, Search and Extranet products. Handshake Software has no plans to perform platform upgrades (migration to new versions of Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, or Windows Server) at this time. Please refer to the Handshake Software Customer Support Handbook.

Q. Is a maintenance release currently planned for OneView Connect?

Answer: Handshake Software is currently in the process of planning a maintenance release for OneVeiw Connect. As our plans solidify, an update will be posted to this FAQ, an announcement will be made in our quarterly newsletter, and an email communication will be sent to all OneView customers.

Q. How does OneView differ from Handshake Software?

Answer: There are significant architectural differences between the products. Handshake Sofware Products have allowed a smooth migration from versions of SharePoint without having to re-write the product or customizations. On the surface for Portals and Search, they appear similar but Handshake provides a much easier non-programming method for customizations.

Q. What did Handshake Software purchase from Thomson Reuters?

Answer: Handshake Software purchased the assets of the OneView business –formerly called XMLAW – from Thomson Reuters. The acquisition includes the OneView Connect, OneView Search and OneView Extranet products and client contracts associated with those products.

Q. What is OneView (XMLAW)?

Answer: OneView is a series of SharePoint integration products. OneView Connect roughly equate to a Handshake Software Portal, OneView Search to SP Bridge and OneView Extranet to Content Replication.

Q. What does this mean to OneView Clients?

Answer: Handshake Software is responsible for support of OneView.

Q. How will Handshake Software communicate with OneView clients?

Answer: Handshake Software will communicate with OneView clients via Email. Improvements in support, products and the like will be announced through that means. Does Handshake Software support my integrations? Answer: Handshake Software supports a broad range of Practice Management, Time Management, CRM, ECM and Project Management integrations.